NEW !! Tyagaraja Kritis

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Dear fellow-seekers,

I have added a new category on “Tyagaraja Kritis”. In this category I will post the Tyagaraja Kritis in both Telugu and also English fonts. This consists of the Kritis composed by Tyagaraja. Since I am not a musician,  I do not present any raagas or talas in which these are sung. I will add lyrics, both in Telugu and English, and also the meaning, so one who sings these can sing them with full understanding of their meaning, which cultivates devotion to Rama in our heart.

 Let us bear it in our hearts that, knowledge of music, though very fine, but devoid of Bhakti, is useless and does not take us any near to Rama. Even if we are devoid of the knowlede of music, and yet if we possess pure faith and devotion to Rama’s feet, that will take us to Him. It is only “Bhava” that is important, not the “Knowledge of Music”.

Aparna Hari

3 thoughts on “NEW !! Tyagaraja Kritis”

  1. Dear Ms. Aparna Hari,

    I appreciate your attempt.

    We stay in AS Rao Nagar area of Hyderabad.

    At present we are in New Castle (UK) with our 1st son.

    Basically I am a mechanical engineer and I am very much interested in Telugu literature.

    I wrote a book on St. Tyagaraja’s songs (covering 333 songs) in 2005. Its title is ‘tyaagaraajakeertanaamritam’.

    For details of these books, pl. go to the website AVKF Book link and search in ‘author search’ under ”kalluri satyarama prasad”.

    I shall be too glad to help you in providing the text (including some ‘variations’ in text), both in telugu.

    I shall also be glad to explain as well as discuss the meanings/aptness of words used by tyagaraja in his songs.

    You are welcome.

    Best wishes,

    Satya Rama Prasad

    1. Prasad garu,
      I had the pleasure of browsing your above mentioned book and liked it very much. However, when I tried to order it from avkf website, there is only one book by you that has baby names but not this one. Could you please advise m as to how I can procure one? I live in Dallas, TX.

      1. Dear Savitha garu,

        Thank you so much for the interest shown by you.

        I am in Newcastle (UK) at the moment. I will be in Hyderabad on 24th Aug. Again I will be going to Mumbai from there on 26th Aug for a very long stay. I shall try to give the phone no. of the publisher, who has got a shop in ASRao Nagar (Beside Hanuman temple). I hope he will organise it for you.

        My email :

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