Update after a long break !!

Thanks to all of you who have shown great interest in this website. Unfortunately I was away till mid-Febraury in India, and there is limited access to the internet. I had a Visa VS Vedanta experience in India (I had an unexpected one-month long delay in visa issuance) !!

I am going to be active and resume the update of this website as I have ealier intended. The download links for the Downloads section – Books,  are not working. Many of you have reported the problem to me. I am extremely sorry for this delay. I have to find an active server which does not suspend my account after a period of inactivity. I am sorry that the pictures are also not showing up. I will fix all these problems very soon.

This year, I intend to finish compiling BhagavdGita from Chapters 2 to 18, and many small stotras and Ashtaks. Please stand by and let me know what you feel I should do. Thank you very much.


Aparna Hari

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