Samkshipta Ramayanam Uploaded

Dear all,

Hari Om !

By Rama’s grace, I have typed in the Samkshipta Ramayanam using the Indic Scripts and created a downloadable PDF file. I have uploaded it in the DOWNLOADS section (which is to the right of this page). Please download it.

I have been listening to the rendition of Samkshipta Ramayanam by Sri HH China Jeeyar Swamy and it is like nectar in my ears.  I hope you are all listening to it too !

Many visitors have requested the mp3 files of MS Rama Rao gari Sundarakanda. When I initially started this web-site, I thought it feasible. But Hari has strictly told me not to post any copyrighted material. So, I am sorry I will not be able to post audio of Sundarakanda. You can download .rm files which I think are available at other web-sites.

I will redo the proof-reading and correct mistakes in Samkshipta Ramayanam. Parayanam of this text is equal to the whole Ramayana Parayanam.

Jai Sri Rama !

In Service of the Lord,

-Aparna Hari

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