Poll for Setting up Divine Life Society Branch in Milwaukee

Dear all,

We have been long thinking of setting up a Divine Life Society branch in
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Divine Life Society was founded in Rishikesh
by Gurudev Swami Sivananda. For the past two years, we have been
sincerely hoping to set up a local branch here in Milwaukee. We hope it
materializes soon.

Firstly, we want to know if there are sincerespiritual seekers in and around Milwaukee, who will be interested in the local branch and paricipate in Satsangs and other spiritual activities.

The participation of members, not monetarily, but by being active and showing interest for maintaing the DLS branch atleast through weekly satsangs and some collective selfless projects etc, is an important consideration for us in setting up this branch. Currently, we have set up the required number of members to 15, excluding us. The more the merrier, and more dynamic and vibrating spiritual activity.

If we have atleast 15 members, sincere spiritual seekers, we are planning to start this effort with the grace of Gurudev. Please kindly take time to vote in the Poll about this.

See the left side column (Under “BLOG STATS”), where the poll is posted and follow the link
“VOTE NOW” to cast your vote.

We request you to consider this and express your opinion.

With kind regards,
Yours in service of the Lord,
Aparna Hari

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