Special Sale !! Sale !! Sale !!

Dear All,

I know we are all attracted by the word “Sale”, more so in the USA, where most of us are enchanted by the “Clearance Sales” at Walmart, Kmart, Best Buy, etc. When such “Clearance Sales” come up, most of us tend to go to these shops and buy clothes and other material possessions though we need or not. And, whatever we have accumulated over the years, in the words of Pujya Swami Tattvavidananda ji, subsequently we will try to “get rid” of them through “Garage Sales”. Materialisatically, We accumulate only to dispose of 🙂

But contrary to the usual sales, now a Sale has come up, which when utilised, will change us for the better, motivate us and inspire us, towards God-Realisation. Spiritually, We keep accumulating and it is cumulative. There is no disposing here !!

The Sivananda Publication League at the Divine Life Society , Rishikesh is holding a Special Aradhana Concession on Publications, Audio and Video CDs and Cassettes. Celebrating the occasion of Gurudev Swami Sivananda’s Birthday on September 8, 2007 and Gurudev Swami Chidananda’s Birthday on the coming 24th September, 2007

50 % Discount on Cassettes, Audio and Video CDs

20 % Discount on Publications on Orders upto Rs.300

30 % Discount on Publications on Orders upto Rs. 1000

35 % Discount on Publications on Orders Above Rs. 1000

HURRY ! This Offer is only till 30th September, 2007 !!

The above “Aradhana Concession” is valid only for shipments in India.

For more details, please download the list and brochure here: List and Cost Details

I have compiled this list into an xls file, so you can easily choose what you want to purchase and calculate the cost.

Download here: Audio Video Book Concession List

In Service of the Lord,
Aparna Hari

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