Mudworm, House-fly and Honey-bee

We have received the latest copy of “The Vision”, a wonderful spiritual booklet published by Anandashram in Kerala. I was reading through the “Papa Answers” section and found this insightful teaching of Papa. I quote here in Papa’s words:

“There are three kinds of minds. One is like a mudworm, the other like a house-fly and the third like a bee. The mudworm dwells always in mud and enjoys its life. Suppose you see a mudworm rolling in filth and out of compassion for it, you take it and place it on a clean spot. It won’t be happy there. It will die soon unless you put it back in filth. The house-fly sits on sweet and fragrant things, and also on filth. It enjoys both. It is with the sweet for sometime and then goes frorm there to remain in filth. The honey-bee sits only on flower and sucks honey. It will never sit on filth. So, the mind that we generally have (some times spiritual thoughts, sometime materialistic and bad thoughts) is like a house-fly. Our mind must be like a honey-bee, always finding delight only in the thought of God .”

Papa Ramadas

Let us try to divinise our minds as Papa says !
In Service of the Lord,
Aparna Hari

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