Happy Radhashtami !!

Radha Rani

Dear All

Jay Radhe !

We wish you all a very Happy Radhashtami. Let us pray with sincerity and longing to the Divine Mother Radha Rani to fill our hearts with pure love and devotion to her and her Lord, Krishna.

Today, there are going to be festivities at Hare Krsna Temple, ISKCON at Lunt Avenue in Chicago. And guess what, there are 108 Food offerings for Mother !!

We drove down to ISKCON in Chicago (2 hrs from Milwaukee), and were just in time, to take part in the “Panchamrutha Snana” (Panchamrutam is a mixture of Milk, Yogurt, Honey, Ghee, and Banana) to the idols of Krishna and Radha. The idols were beautifully decorated with clothes made of real flowers. There was a discourse on the pastimes of Mother Radha Rani, given by HH Romapada of ISKCON, and it was very nice.

There were all in all “240 food offerings (naivedyam)” for mother and we tasted them. They are so delicious. We took part in some chanting and at the end, drove back to Milwaukee.

Let us meditate on the beauty of Radha Rani and sing this beautiful song, written by Sri Kripalu ji Maharaj, and which I have learnt during our recent retreat with Didi ji:

जय राधे जय राधे राधे जय राधे जय श्री राधे
नहिं भूलूं तोहि पल छिन आधे          

अस अनुकम्पा करु राधे  
महल टहलिनि मोहिं बना दे          

पैया परु लागें बलैया देउ लागे  
कुण्ज कुण्ज बिच कुण्ज बिहारिणि          

विहरति नित प्रति श्री राधे   
गहवर वन में लतन पतन में          

व्रज कण कण मे श्री राधे   
पूरब राधे पश्चिम राधे          

उत्तर राधे दक्षिण राधे 
ऊपर राधे नीचे राधे          

जित देखूं तित श्री राधे 

O Divine Mother Radha Rani ! Please bestow grace upon me that I do not forget you even for a fraction of moment.

Mother Radha Rani ! Make me your servant-maid in the palace, where I can wait upon you and do every service to you.

Mother Radha Rani ! In the beautiful groves of Vrindavan, you manifest your pastimes.

Mother Radha Rani ! You are manifest in each and every flower, leaf, creeper and the groves, and Vraja is permeated with you.

Radha Rani is everywhere present in all directions of this universe.

Above, Below, everywhere is Mother Radha Rani. Wherever I see, I see my Divine Mother, Radha Rani.

In Service of the Lord,
Aparna Hari

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