Poll Update for Divine Life Society branch, Milwaukee

Dear All,

Hari Om !

This is an update on the poll that we have conducted on setting up a Divine Life Society branch, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

We have received 8 votes so far.

The Poll site that we have selected unfortunately does not have a feature of letting the voters enter their contact information.

Hence, we have created this Fillable PDF form, in which you can enter your contact information in the PDF file itself by typing and email to us. We are planning to start DLS branch and its satsang activities from January, 2008.

Download Here the Fillable PDF form for Divine Life Society Branch, Milwaukee.

Please take a moment to fill this form and send to us. We really appreciate it.

Yours, In Service of Lord and Gurudev,
Aparna Hari.

2 thoughts on “Poll Update for Divine Life Society branch, Milwaukee”

  1. Hi Aparna & Hari,

    I have seen your website and appreciate your work. I understand that you are young professionals who have a lot of enthusiasm in spiritual matters. I have some awareness in these matters, so please give a thought to my advise before getting too involved.

    Spiritualism is more or less a myth. Pursuing it is similar to running after a mirage. It encourages to bear lofty ideals and work in vain to realize them.

    Your work of setting up a branch will only be a mere labour of love. You will spend a lot of time, energy and money and gain almost nothing. By the time you realize this, ten / twenty years will be gone.

    My advise is this. First, set-up a spiritual goal for yourselves. Like – I want to attain such and such a state by pursuing so-and-so sadhana. For example- maybe you want to raise your kundalini to sahasrara by yogic practice. Or attain self-realization by meditation.

    Once you choose such a goal, set-up a timetable for it and work to realize it. If your gurus say you can’t achieve these in this life, it only means that those goals are myths.

    One must know that there is no point in working on anything knowing that one can’t realize it in this life. It is like running after a mirage.

    But, if you could achieve the goal in a matter of two, three or n number of years, that is well and good. You will have reached a stage where you can start dispersing your knowledge.

    If you can’t achieve that goal in a finite amount of time, then you yourself will come to a realization that these are not ‘real’ goals in any sense. They are illusions. Such a realization is also well and good. Because after spending a fixed amount of time and energy you are able to realize the fallacy of the goal and throw it aside.

    But if you just go on doing things without a fixed goal and plan, you will regret in the end. Think about my advise seriously.

    I am nobody to advise you on your life, but as a fellow spiritual sadhaka, I thought it is my duty to warn you before you involve in anything too seriously.

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