Monkey, Pigeon and The Giant Wheel

We were listening to one of Swami Tattvavidananda ji’s discourses and were so captivated by one example that he gave which highlights the difference between a Jnani (a realized one) and all the others.

The example is this:

There is a Giant wheel. It has axle in the horizontal plane and it rotates 360 degrees in the vertical plane. It is in the mela setting and as we ordinary people do, everyone is enjoying the mela. This Giant wheel is rotating so fast, going to the top and then coming to the bottom, with high speed.

A monkey came and jumped to the edge of a seat. Now it is on the top, and in the next moment, it was at the bottom. Again the giant wheel took it to top, and then to the bottom. Thus it is rotating without break and the poor monkey is clinging to its life sitting on the giant wheel.

Now, A pigeon came and sat on the axle of the wheel. The axle does not rotate, it is the wheel that rotates. While the giant wheel is moving up and down, this pigeon is not perturbed like the monkey, but is seated on a firm axle and just witnessing.

This Giant wheel is Samsara or the World. We ordinary people get on the wheel of the world and always are subjected to ups and downs. Whereas a Jnani, a realized person is not in the Samsara. He is detached and just witnesses !

What a wonderful example !

yours, In Service of Lord and Gurudev,
Aparna Hari

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