Scientific Verification of Vedic Knowledge

Dear All,

Namaste. Hari Om.

Vedas, which are considered the treasure-store of Knowledge of the Self, consist revelations to the ancient sages and seers. The branches of knowledge covered in Vedas and related Scriptural texts range from mathematics, geology, cosmology and the like. Many erudite Scientists are wonder-struck at the depth of the knowledge contained in the Vedas.

When I was a graduate student, I had a friend who was adept in Vedic Mathematics. His skill in solving equations was acquired from the branch in Vedas dealing with Mathematics.

If you read “Kapilopadesha” in Bhagavatam (Instruction of Kapila to his mother), you will find a very detailed knowledge of development of foetus in mother’s womb which is a very evolved piece of knowledge.

I came across a wonderful video on you tube which highlight this knowledge hidden in Vedas, and which throws light on the ancientness of India. Truly, this is a moment to be grateful to the Sages and Seers of yore for giving us this great treasure.

You can watch the videos here:




Hope you enjoy these videos and are proud of the scientific and vedantic heritage that we are part of.

In Service of the Lord and Gurudev,
Aparna & Hari

One thought on “Scientific Verification of Vedic Knowledge”

  1. Aparna and Hari garu ,
    Thank for the wonderful post, I am resharing it on my blog, please let me know if I can do this . Here is the link
    one more thing, With the blessings of Sadguru, I completed putting all the Manachi Shlokas in telugu in my blog. You can download a PDF version of the same from my blog.

    Last but not the least I need a help , How are sharing files on your blog, I am using something called on my blog to share files , but I believe you athe ones are your site are much better. Please let me know on how I can do this . .

    Thank you


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