Divine Ambrosia Winter Issue !

Dear All, OM !

We are pleased to publish the Winter issue of the spiritual E-Magazine “Divine Ambrosia”. You will find interesting and insightful articles in this issue in addition to a light-hearted fun corner.

You can download the PDF version by clicking here.

Click below to read the magazine online:

Please feel free to leave a comment with your feedback about this magazine.
If you want to contribute articles for the next spring issue (due in May 2013), please let us know through email.

Happy Reading !

Aparna & Hari.

2 thoughts on “Divine Ambrosia Winter Issue !”

  1. DEar Aparna hari
    the winter issue is highly soul lifting ,there is everthing a spiritual aspirant can look for ,all well served READY TO EAT and so easily made available,great seva indeed

  2. Respected Aparna &Hari

    Sivanand Pranayama technique is very simple ,easy to practice and can be done everywhere lying in bed ,working in the office.The article has cleared my confusion regarding ratio of in hail and exhail, do it as comfortable you can.Likhit japa for the purity of heart,concentration of mind control of senses,anger.Half an hour for likhit jap for peace of mind.Yatra The pilgrimage is very informative who want to visit sri Badrinath and the Rishikesh Ashram.Everyone is searching happiness in the material world after fulfill of one desire the other desire comes.The home of bliss is inside us .I like Divine Ambrosia very much . Thanking You

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