Moksha Gita – Song of Freedom

Dear Readers,

Namaste & OM !

I came across this work “Moksha Gita or The Song of Freedom” by Swami Sivananda (in 1949) which summarized the essence of Advaita Vedanta, the goal of life and the pursuit of a seeker. All our pursuits – whether through Dharma (ethics), Artha (security), Kama (comforts) – are towards the one goal of Moksha – liberation or freedom from insecurity, from want, from lack, and thereby towards our own real Self which is of the nature of Purna, completeness, adequacy.

By mistake, we think there are 4 different pursuits -like dharmaarthakamamoksha chaturvidha purushartha. That is not the case. We pursue happiness, comfort and security not for their sake, but to be “free” from unhappiness, discomfort and insecurity. Hence our  journey is from the feeling of small, bound, insecure and wanting  “i” to the Big, ever-free, ever-full “I”.  Throught the knowledge of our Self, We understand that we are ever free, and bondage was just an idea, a notion. Mira says in one of her songs “Bhava sagar sab sookh gaya hai. phikar nahi mohe taranan ki.” – the whole notion of  ocean has disappeared, so, there is nothing to cross.

Here is the preface of Swami Sivananda to his published book ‘Moksha Gita’ in the year 1949:

1st December 1949.

Blessed aspirants,

‘Moksha’ is freedom from births and deaths and the attainment of supreme Immortal Bliss. Moksha is the goal of life. Moksha Gita is the essence of Vedanta and all Upanishads. It is the “Song of Freedom”. It will throw much light on the spiritual path and help you all in the attainment of freedom and Immortality.

May the Lord bless you.


Swami Krishnananda, a great philosopher and thinker, has said the following about the study of Moksha Gita in his commentary:

This is “Moksha Gita” or the “Song of Liberation.” By practising its teachings one gets liberated from all bondage and becomes Immortal. Moksha Gita is an exhaustive treatise of the highest wisdom of the Advaita Vedanta. One cannot but be transformed into a higher spiritual state, after reading this blessed Gita. A study of Moksha Gita alone is enough to guide a sincere aspirant in the path of Jnana-Yoga. It will clear all his doubts and raise him to the Truth of SelfConsciousness. Having studied, understood and realised this highly spiritual philosophy, one does not stand in need of any other performance for Liberation. It will lead him to the highest meditation on Brahman. The Knowledge of the method of attaining Moksha expounded here, shall bring suffering to an end and give a unique consolation to the heart. It is the essence of all that is best, noble and sublime. Every seeker after Brahma-Jnana should study this book. It will dispel his ignorance and raise him to the higher Consciousness of the Reality. This Gita is an exposition of the way to attain the State of the Supreme Satchidananda, the Existence-Knowledge-Bliss-Absolute! This is the highest Brahma-Vidya!

Please click to download the Book here: Moksha Gita 


Unto the Divine,
Aparna & Hari

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