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Attitudes & behaviors to cultivate Sattva guna

Harih Om!

One of the unique features of Bhagavad Gita among other moksha shastras such as Upanishads, is that it deals extensively with the sadhanas for moksha in addition to the subject of moksha itself. Swami Akhandanandaji Maharaj points this out in his book, “Sadhana aur Brahmanubhuti”.

At multiple places in the Gita, we find lists of qualities that describe a self-realized person. In commenting upon such verses, Sankaracharya states that the natural attitudes or behaviors of a self-realized person are important to know because they are sadhanas for mumukshus.

We find in chapter 2 sthitaprajna lakshanas starting with dukheshu anudvignamanaah (दुःखेष्वनुद्विग्नमनाः), etc. In chapter 12 we have bhakta lakshanas starting with adveshtaa sarvabhutanaam (अद्वेष्टा सर्वभूतानां), etc. In chapter 13 are given jnana sadhanas starting with amaanitvam adambhitvam (अमानित्वं अदम्भित्वम्), etc. In chapter 14 are gunatita lakshanas starting with prakasham cha pravruttim cha.. (प्रकाशं च प्रवृत्तिं च), na dvesti… na kankshati (न द्वेष्टि न काङ्क्षति) etc. In chapter 16 we find daivi sampada starting with abhayam sattvasamshuddhi (अभयं सत्त्वसंशुद्धिः), etc.

On similar lines, distributed in chapters 17 and 18 are various attitudes and behaviors associated with sattva guna. In one of his Gita classes, Swami Dayanandaji gave an advice to students which is paraphrased as follows: “Compile a list of all Gita verses in chapters 17 and 18 that talk of attitudes and behaviors connected with Sattva Guna. Read them with meaning every day. I did this when I studied Gita. They are the attitudes and behaviors you must cultivate in order to make them your own. Make them your own even by faking or acting them out. All spiritual practices are meant for this only.

Following his advice I compiled the list along with meanings and some notes where I felt necessary, gleaning from Swamiji’s Home study course and Sankara Bhashyam and have been reading and reflecting on them daily. This practice has been helpful as it serves as a reminder for how I must act. I have compiled these verses and am sharing in this post, hoping that it will be of use to others too.

I feel a number of these sattvika qualities boil down to an attitude of karma yoga, viz.

  1. Performing to-be-done karma (svakarma) diligently
  2. Offering performed karma to Isvara because He is in the form of that karma
  3. Remembering not to have an agenda for specific outcomes, which I have no control over
  4. Remembering that ultimately I am not even the doer
  5. Being ready to receive all types of outcomes as prasada from the Lord.. Thy will be done!

Finally, a key point to remember in connection with the gunas – sattva, rajas and tamas – is that all three are in everybody. While we may have a predominance of a certain guna based on prior samskaras, we are not at all stuck with that guna-combination. In fact the process of spiritual growth is to alter the guna-combination to make sattva more predominant. This will eventually lead to rising above all gunas. The above advice is sure to help us grow in this direction.

Download the compiled verses related to Sattva Guna here.

Hari & Aparna.

Divine Ambrosia Winter Issue !

Dear All, OM !

We are pleased to publish the Winter issue of the spiritual E-Magazine “Divine Ambrosia”. You will find interesting and insightful articles in this issue in addition to a light-hearted fun corner.

You can download the PDF version by clicking here.

Click below to read the magazine online:

Please feel free to leave a comment with your feedback about this magazine.
If you want to contribute articles for the next spring issue (due in May 2013), please let us know through email.

Happy Reading !

Aparna & Hari.

Divine Armor of Protection !


This post has been on my mind for quite a while. It is a very painful paradox that on one hand, societies and communities all over the world celebrate Women’s divinity, strength, beauty and wisdom, but on the other hand, women are assaulted, brutally raped, physically and emotionally abused. I have noted these atrocities in the history leaves of every society in every country. We can measure the depth of percolation of the value system in a society by looking at how the society treats Women, Children, and Prisoners Of War (POW), and it does not paint a pretty picture. Every society is failing and falling apart in this basic moral system.

Women are being looked down as objects of enjoyment and pleasure, more so in some sections of society laden with poverty, alcohol, drugs and struggle of survival. No matter the color, race, age, education factors, women are violated, abused, humiliated and their freedom mishandled. There is always apprehension for the physical safety of daughters and sisters. Newspapers all over the world are abound with such news of violation of Women’s honor. What a despicable condition !

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Vinayaka Chaturdhi Wishes

Dear Friends,

Hari Om.

We convey our best wishes to our readers on the happy, holy and auspicious occasion of Ganesha Chaturdhi. May Lord Ganesha remove any obstacles on our spiritual path – physical, mental, emotional, social, gross, subtle – and help us in progressing onward. The difficulties one encounters in undertaking a task and completing it are enormous, more so in the field of disciplining mind and assimilating spiritual teachings. Ganesha Chaturdhi gives us the opportunity to worship that aspect of Lord through which we can remove these obstacles. Hence Ganesha is called “Vigneswara” or “Vighna Vinaasaka.”


The Ganapathi Atharvasirshopanishad, a hymn in praise of Lord Ganesha, was taught to us by Swami Pratyagbodhananda ji few years back. The Text and Audio file are attached for your use. Please use them for chanting the stotra on this festival day and be benefitted.

Text of Ganapathi Atharva Sirshopanishad

Audio rendition of Ganapathi Atharva Sirshopanishad:

In Service of the Lord,
Aparna & Hari

Likhita Japa (Writing the Divine Name)

Dear Friends,

Hari Om.

Swami Sivananda ji Maharaj had emphasized a lot on engaging oneself in chanting and writing the Divine Names. I derive great inspiration from him.
Around five years back, I acame across a nice booklet consisting of articles signifying writing Rama Mantra by an Organization called SHRI DADU LEELA ” RAMA NAMA PARIKRAMA” SHODH SANSTHAN,. This booklet also carries personal experiences and spiritual sadhana of devotees and practitioners who set aside a time every day and wrote the Rama Nama.
This organization encourages people to take up a committment of completing a given number of Rama Nama matra writing and sending it to them for storing it in the temple.

Please click the below image to download the booklet.

You can download the Rama Koti book prepared by Saranaagathi Team by clicking below image. Print on a printer which has both-side printing. Once you get all printed, just fold the bunch in half. Your booklet is ready !

In Service of the Lord,
Aparna Hari

Sri Rama Navami Navaratri Special – Part 2

Dear All,

Hari Om. Om Sri Rama Jaya Rama Jaya Jaya Rama ! Saints, Sages and Scriptures have proclaimed that the Divine Name is Sabda Brahma and superior to the Divine Form itself. All glories to the Divine Name ! Let us celebrate it during this auspicious Navaratri season with the fervor of Sri Hanuman ji.

1. Audio By Swami Chidananda ji Maharaj, Late President of Divine Life Society, Rishikesh)

Personally for me, Swamiji’s voice resonates with everything that is sublime and divine. His voice sounds with that brilliance that at once makes you alert and dive into sublime thoughts. Hear the introduction to the “Padhu Pothi Me Ram” song and you will know this for yourself. One of my greatest inspirers and healers is Swamiji’s voice. Though I have never seen Swami Chidananda ji, his voice is something that I cherish.

The below songs are the best and my most favourite songs.
Padhu Pothii mein Ram
Song of Immanence of Ram
Song of Salutations

2. Sampradaya Bhajans on Lord Rama: Vol-1 & Vol-2

I came across the very beautiful Sampradaya Kritis and Bhajans on Raaga 3-4 years back. Since then, this rendering of Sampradaya Kirtans on Lord Rama are one of my favorites.
Click below on the images of the albums to listen to the audio.

3. Bhajans by Sri PurushottamDas Jalota

Recently my friend Sripriya has sent me some links to melodious and devotional rendering of Bhajans by Sri Purushottamdas Jalota (Sri Anoop Jalota’s father). They are very soothing and devotional to hear.

Click below on the image of the album to listen to the audio. .

Hope you enjoy all the audio as I did !

In Service of the Lord,
Aparna & Hari.

Sri Rama Navami Navaratri Special – Part 1

Dear All.

Hari Om ! Om Sri Rama Jaya Rama Jaya Jaya Rama !

The Navaratri for Sri Rama Navami has begun on the first day of Chaitra – on Ugaadi day. During this special time, we want to provide for our Telugu readers two valuable E-Books which we found on and which are a treasure !

Sri Rama Manatranushthanam

by Sri Rama Saran

(Purvashram name is Sri Kundurti Venkata Narasayya)

Click to download:
This book was published by Rama Nama Kshetram, Guntur in 1958. At that time, the price of this book is: Rs:2.80. Can you imagine buying a diamond for Rs 2.00 ? Well, here you go ! I found this E-book three years back and recently when I went to India, I asked my father to get this book and many other books penned down by Sri Rama Saran for me from Rama Nama Kshetram. Rama Mantra Anushthanam book is an elaborate treasure trove of wisdom about Rama Tattwa. It also details about the methods of Purascarana and Anushthana for purification of mind and for cultivating devotion for the Divine Supreme. I find this book to be extremely valuable for spiritual seekers.

Sri Rama Navaratri Utsava Kalpah

by Sri Ramaka Rama Sarma

Click to download:

This book was published in 1993 and this is actually in Sanskrit but in Telugu script. It is not difficult Sanskrit at all. This book covers the 9-day worship of Lord Rama during Navaratri and Mantra Japa of Lord Rama’s Divine Name. It contains a detailed schedule of Parayana, Stotras for each day in this 9-day worship along with celebration procedures of Sri Rama’s Birth, Sri Rama’s wedding, Sri Rama’s crowning etc. It contains wonderful and powerful Stotras like Sri Rama Hrudayam.

I think these two books will be of great significance and help for spiritual seekers in their Sadhana.

We will post Special Part 2 tomorrow.

In Service of the Lord,
Aparna Hari.

Today is Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Jayanthi !

Hari Om !

Today is Full Moon Day (Pournami) and also happens to be the Jayanthi (birth anniversary) of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, one of the greatest saints of Bhakti path born in Bengal who has spread the Nama Sankirtan or devotional chanting of Lord’s glories and Divine Names. Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu has revived the fervor for chanting the Mahamantra:

“Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare,
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare.”

Sri Chaitnya is considered to be the incarnation of Radha-Krishna according to many. He has made freely available the path of Nama Chanting and Devotion to Divine form as the way to Supreme Peace. An account of his life and his Leelas is compiled in the volume “Sri Chaitanya Charitamritam” which is recommended for spiritual seekers on the path of devotion. Sri Chaitanya is the ideal for the seekers to cultivate and pursue the path of Devotion.

Hari and I have watched a very inspiring Black & White movie on the life of Sri Chaitnya Mahaprabhu in Bengali at Ramakrishna Mission’s Ganges Monastery in Michigan. We both really liked it and felt it to be very elevating. Since then, we have been very fond of the line “Jagannatha Swami.. Nayana Patha Gaami.. Nayana Patha Gaami Bhavatu Me..” and sing it often.

Fortunately, I found the movie in Youtube !! Below is the link for the youtube movie. I am sure you will like it and enjoy it immensely. (If you cannot find play button on this video in your email, please go to original post on saranaagathi blog to click it).

“Shishtashtak” by Sri Chaitanya is 6 verses of instructions and it became very famous. One of the verses, which Swami Chidananda ji often recites in his talks is the following:

तृणादपि सुनीचेन तरोरपि सहिष्णुना ।

अमानिना मानदेन कीर्तनीयः सदा हरिः ।।

Oh, my mind,
Be humbler than a blade of grass,
Be patient and forbearing like a tree,
Take no honor to thyself,
Give honor to all,
Chant unceasingly the name of the Lord.

Click on the image below to download the Shishtashtakam:

Best wishes to all of you on Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Jayanthi.

In Service of the Lord & Gurudev,
Aparna & Hari.

Maha Sivaratri Wishes

Dear All,

Hari Om !
Jai Kailasavasa Sankara Bhagavan ki !

We convey to all our readers Mahasivaratri wishes. May Lord Siva bless us all with wisdom, spiritual strength and Self-knowledge.

(Image is courtesy of Hinduim Today Magazine)

The Divine Supreme in the form of Siva is easily pleased like a father pleased with even the smallest act of his child, and hence he is called Bhole Baba ! In all the temples in India and abroad, chanting of Rudram – Namakam & Chamakam is performed throughout day and night on the auspicious Maha Sivaratri day, and the devotees generally fast and do vigil in the night spending their time in worship, prayer and meditation.

Sivaratri is an auspicious occasion to please Lord Siva. He will be very pleased with Japa, Dhyana and Abhisheka today. Generally Upavas (fast) and Jaagaran (Night Vigil) are carried on today by devotees. Japa of Panchakshari mantra (Om Namah Sivaya) will benefit immensely. The worship of Lord Siva will remove all impurities and make our mind and hearts pure and clean.

The following can be done today according to the feasibility of the devotee:
1. Fast
2. Abhishekam (holy bath of Siva Linga) of Siva, with pure water, milk, honey, Ghee, Banana – Panchamruta Snanam
3. Decorate with flowers, Sandal paste and if available Bael leaves (Bilva or Maredu)
4. Offer Naivedyam and Arati
5. Recite Ligashtakam, Rudram, Purushasuktam, Rudrashtakam, Maha Mrutyunjaya Mantram
6. Engage in Kirtan of Lord Siva
7. Do Japa of Panchakshari or Mrutyunjaya Mantra
8. Perform Japa throughout night and do Japa with Dhyana of Lord Siva
9. Try praying only for Spiritual Upliftment, and not any material gains.
10. Offer all your worship and prayers unto Lord Siva.

We are presenting here a book by Swami Sivananda ji on ” Lord Siva and His Worship.” It is a wonderful source for understanding Siva Tattwa and for sadhana unto Lord Siva.

Also, please find the following links for a beautiful rendition of Rudrashtakam by Swami Tejomayananda ji.

Download Rudrashtakam Audio here !
(In the Voice of Param Pujya Swami Tejomayananda, President of Chinmaya Mission).
Dowload Rudrashtakam Text here !
(Author: Goswami Tulasidas in RamacharitManas)

In Service of the Lord & Gurudev,
Aparna & Hari.

Horton Hears a Who !!

Hello All !

Hari Om.

You must be wondering what this post is about ! For those who are familiar with Dr Seuss – The Author of children books, you know that this is one of his stories/creations. Mainly kids are the entertained audience, but there is wisdom catered to adults also 🙂

Well, when Swami Prakashananda, Head of Chinmaya Mission, Trinidad & Tobago visited Milwaukee last year, we were chatting with him at our home and he mentioned about this movie called “Dr Horton Hears a Who !” and recommended us to watch it.

The crucial theme of this story is “Relativity of Space”, as you can understand after you watch it. The relativity of space and time have been repeatedly brought out and emphasized in the extraordinary treatise “Yoga Vasishtha” which is the dialogue between Sage Vasishtha and his student, the Prince Rama.

There is a particular story in Yoga Vasishtha, which I remember – “The Story of Lila“. In that the whole world and life of the Queen Lila, with all its splendor, occurs in a small corner of the mind of a holy man in a corner of a tiny hut in a corner of the mind of the creator in a corner of the existence !! It is a fascinating and mind-boggling exposition by Sage Vasishtha about the relativity of time and space, and of human existence.

There is another children’s story/movie series called “Chronicles of Narnia” highlighting the Relativity of Time .
According to Vedanta, Time and Space are evolutes (products) and appear because of the Self or Atman which is consciousness.

I really enjoyed watching this movie and I am sure you will too ! Click below to watch it ! Enjoy !

In Service of the Lord & Gurudev,
Aparna & Hari