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Maha Sivaratri and Puja of Lord Siva

Dear All,

Hari Om !

Jai Kailasavasa Sankara Bhagavan ki !

Download Rudrashtakam Audio here ! (In the Voice of Param Pujya Swami Tejomayananda, President of Chinmaya Mission).
Dowload Rudrashtakam Text here ! (Author: Goswami Tulasidas in RamacharitManas)

Lord Siva

Today is the holy occasion of Maha Sivaratri. Some people celebrated yesterday, March 5th and some people are celebrating today, March 6th, depending on calendar specifics.

Sivaratri is an auspicious occasion to please Lord Siva. He will be very pleased with Japa, Dhyana and Abhisheka today. Generally Upavas (fast) and Jaagaran (Night Vigil) are carried on today by devotees. Japa of Panchakshari mantra will benefit immensely. Those who are devotees of Lord Rama, should especially use this occasion to carry out Puja and Worship of Lord Siva and doing the Panchakshari Japa, as Rama is immensely pleased with this.

In Ramacharitmanas, Lord Rama tells the secret of having his devotion and darshan to the people of Ayodhya. “Those who want to develop devotion to me and have my darshan should worship Siva and do his service as there is no one who is dearer to me than Siva.” Also, our Gurudev Swami Sivananda ji Maharaj has specified that, any devotee of Rama, should engage himself in the worship of Lord Siva atleast for three months before engaging in worship of Rama. The worship of Lord Siva will remove all impurities and make our mind and hearts pure and clean.

The following can be done today according to the feasibility of the devotee:

1. Fast
2. Abhishek of Siva, with pure water, milk, honey, Ghee, Banana – Panchamruta Snanam
3. Decorate with flowers, Sandal paste and if available Bael leaves (Bilva or Maredu)
4. Offer Naivedyam and Arati
5. Recite Ligashtakam, Rudram, Purushasuktam, Rudrashtakam, Maha Mrutyunjaya Mantram
6. Engage in Kirtan of Lord Siva
7. Do Japa of Panchakshari or Mrutyunjaya Mantra
8. Perform Japa throughout night and do Japa with Dhyana of Lord Siva
9. Try praying only for Spiritual Upliftment, and not any material gains.
10. Offer all your worship and prayers unto Lord Siva.

Download Gurudev Swami Sivananda ji Maharaj’s article on Siva Yoga Sadhana .

Also, please hear the Audio of Siva Dhunis and simple kirtans by Gurudev Swami Chidananda ji Maharaj here.

Jai Bholenath Sankar Bhagavan ki !
Jai Viswanath Bhagavan ki !

Yours, In Service of the Lord and Gurudev,
Aparna Hari

Necessity of Guru and how to obtain Guru Kripa

Dear All,

Hari Om.

I have uploaded an article entitled “Guru” by Swami Sivananda. This is actually a small chapter taken from his book, “Bliss Divine”.

This article talks about Guru. Guru is glorified from times immemorial, who, having experienced God-realization himself, connects several ardent beings with the Immortal.

“Ajnana Timiraandhasya Jnaanaanjana Salaakaya |
Chakshurunmiilitam yena tasmai Sree Gurave Namaha ||”

“I bow to Guru, who dispels the darkness of ignorance, by Knowledge, and who opens our eyes to the Infinite Lord indwelling all.”

We all have gross ego and subtle ego. We all have pride of learning, prejudices, and also a Fixed Baggage (which we have accumulated over many years) of ideas, concepts, intelligent discussions, arguments etc. To Know the Lord, Saints have proclaimed that we need to “unlearn” these various things that we have accumulated in the mind.

Once a person asked Swami Chinmayananda, “what all you say are there in the books and scriptures, then what is the use of a Guru ?” Swamiji replied humorously, “Why are you asking me that question ? Ask your book-guru only ! ” Books and knowledge are good Swadhyaya, but that is not all. Service to a Guru, devotion to his feet, and surrender to His feet, will lead us to the Lord.

Guru does Ego-dectomy on us. He performs the spiritual-life-saving surgery on us by removing ego in us.

There is also a wonderful article on “Sure ways for Guru Kripa” by Swami Chidananda ji Maharaj. I like this article very much, and sometimes think that I should carry it with me in my purse wherever I go, so it will be a constant reminder to me.

Please read through these articles and derive immense benefit.

You can download them here:

Guru by Swami Sivananda
Sure Ways to Guru Kripa by Swami Chidananda

Yours, In Service of the Lord and Gurudev,
Aparna Hari.

Wonderful Sayings of Papa Ramdas – UPLOADED !

Dear All,

Hari Om !

I have uploaded a wonderful E-book titled ” Sayings of Papa Ramdas” in the DOWNLOADS section. This book contains simple, profoud and inspiring sayings of Papa, categorized in sections of Ignorance, Ego-sense, Goal, Path , Divine Name, Renunciation, Bhakti, Jnana, Self-surrender, Universal Vision and Love, Karma Yoga, Purushottama, and General.

Kindly download it and be highly benefitted.

You can download here also !

In Service of the Lord and Gurudev,
Aparna Hari

TEXT of Tyagaraja Kritis UPLOADED !!

Dear All,

Hari Om !

Tyagaraja is one of the greatest devotees of Lord Rama, who enthralled the Lord Himself with his wonderful Bhakti-filled Songs.

In the last year, I wanted to write down all the Kritis in Telugu using the Indic Scripts. But I could not owing to tight schedule. However, I have searched in the Open Source Archive Books Collection for Tyagaraja Kritis, and Lo behold ! By Rama’s grace, I have found valuable gems !!

There were two TIFF files (Huge sizes) ~ 30 MB. I converted them into low-resolution PDF files, making them into ~ 2 MB. There are two such books of Tyagaraja Kritis:

1. Tyagaraja Utsava Kirtanas
2. Tyagaraja Kritis Collection

These were kindly uploaded by some kind-hearted person in the Open Source Archive Books collection. I am fortunate to have encountered them.

The PDFs that I am uploading on this website will have less size, and downsized to less number of pages, so users can easily take print out of them and peruse at their convenience.

Please download them here or follow the DOWNLOADS section:

Tyagaraja Kritis Volume 1

Tyagaraja Kritis Volume 2

Yours, In Service of the Lord and Gurudev,
Aparna Hari.

OM Yoga Meditation of Atma Jyoti Ashram

Dear All,

Hari Om !

Atma Jyoti Ashram is founded by Pujya Swami Nirmalananda Giri. Recently this ashram has moved to New Mexico. Swamiji and other monks in the Ashram maintain a wonderful spiritual website, . It is very informative with so many inspiring lectures from many saints, specially including Gurudev Sivananda ji Maharaj’s articles. They also have a blog that you can reach at

It is a very nice website to visit, and you can subscribe to their email newsletter also.

Yesterday I got to read the e-book of OM Yoga Meditation Technique by Swami Nirmalananda Giri Maharaj. It is very nice, concise, motivating, and very helpful. Some of the techniques of meditation and some of the problems faced by sadhakas in meditation are well pointed out. It will make a wonderful read.

Please Click to Download the E-Book on Yoga Meditation.

Alternatively, you can download from DOWNLOADS Section too !

Yours, In Service of Lord and Gurudev,
Aparna Hari

Special Sale !! Sale !! Sale !!

Dear All,

I know we are all attracted by the word “Sale”, more so in the USA, where most of us are enchanted by the “Clearance Sales” at Walmart, Kmart, Best Buy, etc. When such “Clearance Sales” come up, most of us tend to go to these shops and buy clothes and other material possessions though we need or not. And, whatever we have accumulated over the years, in the words of Pujya Swami Tattvavidananda ji, subsequently we will try to “get rid” of them through “Garage Sales”. Materialisatically, We accumulate only to dispose of 🙂

But contrary to the usual sales, now a Sale has come up, which when utilised, will change us for the better, motivate us and inspire us, towards God-Realisation. Spiritually, We keep accumulating and it is cumulative. There is no disposing here !!

The Sivananda Publication League at the Divine Life Society , Rishikesh is holding a Special Aradhana Concession on Publications, Audio and Video CDs and Cassettes. Celebrating the occasion of Gurudev Swami Sivananda’s Birthday on September 8, 2007 and Gurudev Swami Chidananda’s Birthday on the coming 24th September, 2007

50 % Discount on Cassettes, Audio and Video CDs

20 % Discount on Publications on Orders upto Rs.300

30 % Discount on Publications on Orders upto Rs. 1000

35 % Discount on Publications on Orders Above Rs. 1000

HURRY ! This Offer is only till 30th September, 2007 !!

The above “Aradhana Concession” is valid only for shipments in India.

For more details, please download the list and brochure here: List and Cost Details

I have compiled this list into an xls file, so you can easily choose what you want to purchase and calculate the cost.

Download here: Audio Video Book Concession List

In Service of the Lord,
Aparna Hari

Tulsidas ji’s “Bhaju Mana Rama Charana Sukhadai”

Lotus Feet of Rama

भजु मन राम चरण सुखदाई

जेहिं चरणन से नित सी सुरसरि    

शंकर जटा समाई    

जटा शंकरी नाम परा है    

त्रिभुवन तारण हारी			।। भजु मन ।। 

From whose lotus feet, the purifying waters of Ganga originated and contained in the swirls of the hairlocks of Sankara, O mind, sing the glories of the lotus feet of Rama which is the source of happiness.

जेहिं चरणन की चरण पादुका    

भरत रह्यो लव लाई    

सोई चरन केवट धोइ लेने    

तब हरि नाव चढाई		        ।। भजु मन ।। 

The sandals of whose lotus feet are borne on the head of Bharata with the highest regard, the same feet were washed by the fortunate boat man and Lord Hari then entered the boat. O mind, Sing the glories of the lotus feet of Rama which is the source of happiness.

सोई चरण संतन जन सेवत     

सदा रहत सुखदाई    

सोई चरण गौतम ऋषि नारी    

परसि परम पद पाई 		।। भजु मन ।। 

The lotus feet are ever served by the saints and sages, and they derive immense happiness. The same lotus feet, by just a mere touch, saved the fallen woman, Ahalya, who is the wife of Sage Gautama. O mind, Sing the glories of the lotus feet of Rama which is the source of happiness.

दण्डक वन प्रभु पावन कीन्हो    

ऋषि अन त्रास मिटाई    

सोई प्रभु त्रिलोक की स्वामी    

कनक मृगा संग धाई		।। भजु मन ।। 

Lord Rama has sanctified the Dandaka forest with his lotus feet, and removed the suffering and anxiety of the saints and sages dwelling there. In the manifestation of His Leela, He has chased the golden deer through the forest with his lotus feet. O mind, Sing the glories of the lotus feet of Rama which is the source of happiness.

कपि सुग्रीव बंधु भय ब्याकुल    

तिन्ह जय छत्र फिराई    

रिपु को अनुज विभीषण निसिचर    

परसत लंका पाई			।। भजु मन ।। 

Sugriva, the monkey king was living in seclusion due to the fear of his brother. For such a being, Rama has given victory and kingdom by defeating his brother Vali. Even the brother of his enemy was given the kingdom of Lanka by the mere touch of his Lotus feet. O mind, Sing the glories of the lotus feet of Rama which is the source of happiness.

शुक सनकादिक अरु ब्रह्मादिक    

सेष सहस मुख गाई    

तुलसिदास मारुत सुते के प्रभु    

निज मुख करत बडाई		।। भजु मन ।। 

Sage Sukadeva, Sage Sanka and others, Brahma and other gods, innumerable Adi Seshas, have sung the glories of Lord Rama. Tulsidas sings the glories of Lord Rama, the Master of Hanuman. O mind, Sing the glories of the lotus feet of Rama which is the source of happiness.

Book of the Month: “Kingly Science and Kingly Secret”

Dear All,

Hari Om !

We are starting a new feature in our blog which is “ Book of the Month”, and “Audio of the Month”. This feature focuses on a book which we are currently reading or just finished reading and a devotional audio CD which is inspiring and rich in devotion.

The Book of the Month for the Month of September is Kingly Science and Kingly Secret by Gurudev Swami Sivananda. I am currently reading this book.

Kingly Science and Kingly Secrets is a book consisting of gem articles penned down by Swamiji explaining some important imgredients of sadhana through the verses of Bhagavd Gita. It is a compilation of the articles, which are very helpful, in assimilating Jnana (Knowledge), Karma (Action) and Bhakti (Devotion) in our daily lives. Some of the articles are Conquest of Anger , Austerity of Speech, Purity of Food, The Play of the Gunas, The Technique of Karma Yoga, to name a few.

I am currently reading this book, and am enjoying it. This is one of the many free e-books that can be downloaded from Divine Life Society website. You can follow the below link to download this book:


In Service of the Lord,
Aparna Hari

Life Story of Sri Hanuman ji UPLOADED !!

Dear All,

Hari Om !

In 2004 during my summer vacation, I was browsing the internet for some articles and Bhajans on Hanuman ji. Ofcourse, there were many number of sites in Google. And almost towards the exhaustion of all sites, I came across a zipfile containing what is written as “Life Story of Hanuman ji”. I thought it would be the same known version of Hanuman ji’s life, the events of which we have been hearing from childhood. But when I opened and saw all the documents, and read them, I was amazed as to how much wonderfully Hanuman ji’s life is portrayed and the significant lessons that one can learn from them.

Unfortunately, my laptop has crashed within a week and I lost all the data. Howmuch ever I tried I could not get hold of this zip file anywhere, in whatever way I searched the internet. I forgot all about it. Recently, it so happened that I again searched one day just without thinking, and there it was. I found it and I was glad I did.

Lifestory of Hanuman ji is written by Sri Swami Shyam Paramahansa. His website links are given in the document. There are all in all 54 chapters. These are deep insights into Sri Hanumanji’s wisdom, devotion, love, courage and his ever-lasting and ever-increasing attachment to Lord Rama.

I made this into a PDF file and I uploaded so anyone of you who is interested can download it, read it, and appreciate it.

You can download it from the DOWNLOADS section.

Jai Sri Ram !
In service of the Lord,
Aparna Hari

Satsang with Pujya Swami Tadatmananda ji in Milwaukee

Dear all,

Hari Om !

We had the wonderful opportunity again to be in the holy company of Pujya Swami Tadatmananda ji, a disciple of Swami Dayananda Saraswati, and the head of Arsha Bodha Center.

Swamiji comes every year to Milwaukee and teaches us very practical issues of applying vedanta in our daily life. He is very kind, very simple and always eager to help the sadhakas in their spiritual quest.

The first Satsang was conducted on sunday in the private residence of Sri Anil Aggarwal, a key person in the Spiritual Enrichment Program (SEP). The topic was on the obstacles in Sadhana. Sunday evening and monday evening, there were two lectures inthe Hindu Temple of Wisconsin, on “Ego” and “Dharma”. Hari and I jotted down the outline of these satsangs as much as we could remember, to refer to it frequently as a helping aid for us. We both could get the fortune on having person-person talk with Swamiji and we were amazed at how simple and accessible he is. Next time he comes to Milwaukee, we want to bring him to our home.

We have posted the Satsang Material that we penned down in the Downloads section. You can also click here directly to view the material –

Satsang Material

Swamiji was born in Milwaukee, US and was greatly attracted towards Indian Philosophy and vedanta. He served his Spiritual Guru, Swami Dayananda Saraswati, for over 20 years, before he established his ashram ‘Arsha Bodha Center’ in New York.

All Swamiji’s audio – The entire Bhagavadgita collection, Narada Bhakti Sutras and other audio is available for free download on his website. Please follow this link:

Downloads of Arsha Bodha Center of Swami Tadatmananda ji

Jai Sri Rama !
Yours, In the Service of the Lord,
-Aparna Hari