Gita Study: Class 10


Topics for today:

  1. Opening prayers and Gita Dhyanam
  2. Chapter 1 Verse 2-10

 Highlights of today’s class:

Recap of last class:

  • The section on “Buddhi as a guru” drives home the message to equip the buddhi with proper knowledge by exposing oneself to the teaching of scriptures. Such a knowledgeable buddhi serves as the guru to oneself.
  • Discussed what mahavakyas are and the background and glimpse of the mahavakya “tat tvam asi”. More details will come as we proceed with the text.

Introduction of warriors:

  • These verses of the first chapter introduce the warriors who had come for battle. The purpose of this introduction is to set the context to understand Arjuna’s condition. This model is seen even in Upanishads where a story is first narrated leading to the teaching.

om tat sat


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