Gita Study: Class 11


Topics for today:

  1. Opening prayers and Gita Dhyanam
  2. Chapter 1 Verses 10-32

 Highlights of today’s class:

Introduction of warriors continued:

  • The assembled warriors blew their conches, several of which had special names and were obtained as divine gifts. For example Krishna’s conch was called Panchajanya, Arjuna’s was called Devadatta, etc.

Arjuna’s wish to see the warriors:

  • Arjuna requests Krishna to place his chariot in the middle of the battlefield so he could see who he had to tackle! This act shows Arjuna’s self-confidence and eagerness to settle score with Duryodhana and his allies by engaging in a fierce battle.

Arjuna’s transformation:

  • Upon seeing his near and dear relatives on both sides of the armies, Arjuna felt extreme compassion, para krupa, due to distress at the impending destruction of his near and dear people.
  • He could not shake off this krupa and it manifested in his physical frame such as his mouth becoming dry, limbs losing their strength, body trembling, skin burning, etc.
  • He also tells Krishna that his mind was totally confused, he lost all desire to fight and saw no use of winning back his kingdom even.
  • Arjuna begins to explain his thoughts on why engaging in battle was not a good idea. His narrative continues in the coming verses.

om tat sat


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