Gita Study: Class 13


Topics for today:

  1. Opening prayers and Gita Dhyanam
  2. Chapter 1 Conclusion. Verses 42-47

 Highlights of today’s class:

Arjuna’s confusion regarding his duty:

  • Arjuna continues describing to Krishna the adverse effects of the impending battle. By themselves some of Arjuna’s statements seem in accordance with dharma but they were clearly motivated by his emotional distress at the thought of fighting with his near and dear ones.
  • In verse 43 reference is made to kula-dharma and jati-dharma. These are dharmas specific to certain kulas (families) or jatis (communities). There are two more types of dharma called varna-dharma and ashrama-dharma that are applicable to people according to the specific varnas (division based on gunas and karmas) and ashramas (stage in life) they belong to. All these types of dharmas come under the umbrella of visesha-dharma. Contrast to visesha-dharma is the samanya-dharma or universal dharma that we have discussed in prior classes.
  • After presenting his arguments upto verse 46, Arjuna decides that he would not fight and sits down in his chariot.
  • Arjuna sat down in his chariot and did not leave the battlefield. He was not sure what to do and whether his line of thinking was indeed correct or not. Hence he remained right there.
  • After a brief description of Arjuna’s state of confusion and his request to Krishna to guide him, the message of Gita starts from the eleventh verse of the second chapter, which we will commence next week.
  • Thus ends the first chapter of Gita. Congratulations 🙂

om tat sat


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