Gita Study: Class 14


Topics for today:

  1. Opening prayers and Gita Dhyanam
  2. Chapter 2. Verses 1-4

 Highlights of today’s class:

Krishna’s first response:

  • After Arjuna puts down his bow and arrows and sits down on his chariot, Krishna speaks to him and tries to get him to shake off his despair.
  • Krishna says that this despair was (1) not befitting of a noble upright man like Arjuna (2) not something that would lead him to svarga, heaven and (3) something that would bring infamy to him.
  • Krishna corrects Arjuna’s earlier statement that they would go to naraka by indulging in this battle. On the contrary Krishna says they would not be fit for svarga by shirking from it.
  • Krishna tries to motivate Arjuna to stand up and do what was to be done in that situation. This message is elaborated later on in the Gita. Doing an action that is to be done, with a proper attitude converts that action into yoga. This is called karma yoga.

Arjuna’s reply:

  • Hearing Krishna’s words admonishing him and calling him faint-hearted, Arjuna replies elaborating his predicament. He specifically expressed his inability to engage in conflict with his teacher Drona and grandsire, Bhishma, who were worthy of his utmost respect.
  • Arjuna continues presenting his defense for a few more verses after which Krishna’s teaching begins.

om tat sat


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