Gita Study: Class 26


Topics for today:

  1. Opening prayers and Gita Dhyanam
  2. Chapter 2 verses 27 to 31

 Highlights of today’s class:

Verse 2.27 (conclusion)

jatasya hi dhruvo mrtyurdhruvam janma mrtasya ca | tasmadapariharye’rthe na tvam socitumarhasi ||

  • Starting from verse 26 upto verse 28, Krishna tells Arjuna that grief is not warranted even for anatma. Upto verse 26 Krishna told Arjuna that grief was not warranted for atma. In these 3 verses grief with regard to anatma is talked about.
  • Anatma here is the body-mind-sense complex; an individual personality such as that of Bhishma, Drona, Since they are born at a given time and place, they will also die. It is natural for any one born to die. What is the use of lamenting the inevitable?
  • Atma being birthless, alone is deathless. There can be no reason to lament with regard to atma.
  • Thus both atma and anatma do not deserve being grieved for.

Verse 2.28

avyaktadini bhutani vyaktamadhyani bharata | avyaktanidhananyeva tatra ka paridevana||

  • Continuing the theme of the nature of anatma being temporary, Krishna here says that all beings have their individual existence for a certain period of time alone; they come from unmanifest, remain manifest for some time and again become unmanifest. What is the use of lamenting for such inevitable thing?
  • Swamiji makes a point here that, inspite of this, people do lament. The reason for their lamentation is self-ignorance. Hence the importance of self-knowledge.

Verse 2.29

ascaryavat pasyati kascidenam, ascaryavadvadati tathaiva canyah | ascaryavaccainamanyah srnoti, srutvapyenam veda na caiva kascit||

  • Understanding atma is not easy. Atma is a wonder all the way. When one listens and discovers that one is the atma, the whole and everything is centered on oneself, it is a wonder. At first this reality of oneself seems to be an impossibility, then it becomes a vague possibility and finally it is real, true.
  • Talking about atma is a wonder, because what cannot be talked about is talked about. What cannot be captured by words is presented by words.
  • Even after listening to the atma being unfolded, many do not get it. That is also a wonder.

Verse 2.30

dehi nityamavadhyo’yam dehe sarvasya bharata | tasmatsarvani bhutani na tvam socitumarhasi||

  • Krishna’s teaching over the course of the Gita has one line that repeats often, “you have no reason to grieve”. Starting with the 11th verse of this chapter when he said, “a wise person does not grieve for the living or for the dead” upto his final teaching in the 66th verse of the 18th chapter when He says, “do not grieve, maa sucha” and several times in between this line can be seen.
  • In this verse, 2.30, Krishna sums up the messages from verse 11 to 29 wherein he presented the wisdom of self-knowledge and showed that both atma and anatma do not deserve to be grieved for.
  • He says in this verse that the dehi, the atma, the indweller of all the dehas (bodies) is ever indestructible, therefore there is no reason to grieve.

Verse 2.31

svadharmamapi caveksya na vikampitumarhasi| dharmyaddhi yuddhacchreyo’nyat kshatriyasya na vidyate||

  • Upto verse 30, Krishna was teaching self-knowledge. It was the absolute standpoint of reality. From verse 31, he shifts to relative standpoints that of dharma and laukika or societal conventions.
  • In this verse Krishna points out that being a Kshatriya, Arjuna’s svadharma was to engage in a dharmya yuddha. Therefore he must engage in the battle.
  • The word “dharmya” means “that which is unopposed to dharma”. This word comes at several places in the sastra to highlight that self-knowledge or pursuit of moksha is not opposed to dharma.

om tat sat


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