Swami Tadatmananda

Swami Tadatmananda ji

Pranams at the lotus feet of Pujya Swami Tadatmananda ji. It is our great fortune that we came in contact with such a kind, helpful and knowledgeable Swamiji in US.

Swamiji was born and brought up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin as a catholic Christian. As he grew, his interest in Indian Teachings of Vedanta and Upanisads grew. He pursued a succesful career as a software engineer in a reputed company in California. Meanwhile, he also learned many Upanisadic teachings and was actively doing sadhana in his spare time. But he felt that the amount of time remaining after his office hours is no where sufficient for his spiritual pursuit; hence he decided to give up his job and go to India to be with his Guru, Swami Dayananda Saraswati. He was initiated into the Hindu monastic order by his Gurudev on the banks of Ganges in Rishikesh in 1993. Swami Tadatmananda ji has spent several years serving his Guru and pursing the Ultimate goal of Human Life under his guidance. He then returned to USA, and set up Arsha Bodha Center, in New Jersey to spread Vedantic Wisdom of Ancient Sages of yore of India to spiritual seekers.

Swamiji is well-versed in all the scriptures, epics. He is a wonderful Sanskrit scholar. He had extensively travelled in India, which he considers as his spiritual pilgrimage. He has written about all his travels and pilgrimages in his autobiographical book, “The Roar of The Ganges”.

The first thing that strikes, when anyone meets Swamiji, is his child-like simplicity and humility. He is ever willing and eager to help spiritual seekers in their Sadhana. Swamiji has a very unique combination of modern and spiritual mind, where spiritual principles are practical and can help you face even “a gun pointed straight at your head by a drug addict in the notorious streets of New York.” Swamiji draws many insights from his own personal life. He makes things clear and practical. He says “Don’t believe everything I say. You need to find it out yourself”.

His teachings are full of wonderful similies, deep insights into our materialistic blunders and wrong assumptions and what we need to do to correct them. His personality radiates warmth and kindness. His relates with ease to children, teens and adults like. Swamiji is also a good guitarist and piano player.

We had the great fortune to be in Swamiji’s holy presence whenever he comes to Milwaukee. We eagerly look forward to his visits every year.

You can contact Swamiji at SwamiT@arshabodha.org.

21 thoughts on “Swami Tadatmananda”

  1. i prostrate before thy lotus feet.
    i have been fortunate to have your DARSHAN.
    i have read ROAR OF GANGES several times.
    with YOUR GRACE will see you soon.

  2. I and my wife Latha are blessed listening to Swamiji’s BHAGAVAD GITA teachings being published on the net.
    Swamiji reminds us of PUJYA Dayananada Swamiji .
    We are now sure that MAHATMAs are born of; KARANA JANMA ;to do immernse good,LOKA KALYANA to the mankind.
    Ranga and Latha Karanam

  3. I heard the Narad Bhakti Sutra by Swamiji on then net. Its is phenomenal. He derives bhakti. A totally different experience from our “so-called” preconceived notion about bhakti. A must-listen for everyone who want to understand what bhakti means in its true sense. Wow, what a beauty.

  4. this is the first i have visited your site.
    you have been doing a wonderful job.
    i am really grateful to you that i come to know about so many divine souls.
    thank you

  5. Swami Tadatmananda is a true guide and philosopher. He shares the zeal for truth and simplicity much like his teacher, Swami Dayananda Saraswathi. His discourses to youngsters during week ends, his talks on Atma Bodha of Adi Shankara, are some of the ones I will cherish.

  6. Truly a saint. I studied with Swamiji from 1998 – 2001. He has enlightened me by teaching Gita, Upanishads, Value of Values, and meditation. His teachings are simple, profound, and life changing. His ability to dispel ignorance is exemplary. Pranams to our Guru…

  7. I have never met Swamiji. My entire life is changed just by his lectures available on Arsha-Bodh web site and E-Mail communications. He has been guiding me through Mails.

    How fortunate people would be who are able to see him , learn from him and talk to him. If just this distance learning can bring so many changes in me, I can not imagine transformation possible through direct contact !!!!!

  8. Yesterday I was browsing to learn about Sadhana Panchakam…I happened to hear Swamiji’s lecture on Day1…very insightful but so simply explained. ..today I wish to listen to the day2 of the series…but the site not opening. ..feel disappointed. ..Swamiji pl help…Pranams Geetha

  9. I have been regularly listening Swami Ji Lectures .. really helps me a lot. I am in India, and so have no chance to learn from him directly.
    I am able to download all the 4-files, please let me know which file you are having problem.
    +91 9223339558

  10. I had watched your words in English swamiji . You told to bring light from Darkness. This event happened or will happen only according to will of karma ji. Not for all. Thanks for your hopeful light ray words. Regards ji.

  11. I pay my best regards to begin with & feel blessed after listening to your explanation of vedanta with great clarity that arises great interest with induced purity that is unique.
    I hope to continue watching & listening more from your discourses as it started just a couple of days back when my son sent me this link.
    Feeling blessed with this great coincidence.

  12. Bhagavad Gita “s spiritual message is very enlightening and meaningful. It conveys a very strong message on spiritual growth in our everyday life and experiences.

    Can I have the website for donation?

  13. It is with great sincerity that Swamiji Tadatmananda is truly teaching me many levels of insight, revelation and enlightenment leading me to a spiritual transformation.

    Thank you Swamiji for your everlasting commitment to bring our realization of our true nature within ourselves.

  14. I started listening to Swami ji’s yogasutra podcasts. So far completed only 3 but still feel like revisiting them often. Now listening to 4th podcast on Samadhi Padha. Really mesmerized on listening to his lectures. As Swami ji rightly says, it will take minimum 1 year to complete yogasutra podcasts for me. Seek Swami ji’s blessings for completing soon.

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