Swami Tattvavidananda

Swami Tattvavidananda Saraswati

Pranams at the lotus feet of dear Pujya Swami Tattvavidananda ji. It is our greatest fortune that we came across such a wonderful, simple and humble swamiji, who is dispassionate and propagator of Vedantic message. Swami Tattvavidananda ji is a beloved disciple of Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati of Arsha Vidya Gurukulam. Swami Tattvavidananda ji is an eminent Vedanta Scholar, an expert exponent of Vedantic treatises, epics, Bhagavad Gita and many Upanishads.

Swamiji has been handed over the deep tradition of vedas by his father and grandfather. Under their tutelage, he has excelled in Vedic studies. Later he went to a traditional Gurukulam and learned from eminent scholars. In his pre-monastic life, Swamiji was a bright scholar in chemistry. He earned his PhD in Chemistry from Andhra University and had pursued a successful scientific and academic career before giving it up to pursue higher goal of life. Meanwhile, he retained his vedic roots, and at the behest of his well-wishers submitted a doctoral thesis on Vedas and was awarded a Gold Medal and a second doctoral degree in Sanskrit. His understanding of Vedanta assumed completion upon meeting his Spiritual Guru, Swami Dayananda Saraswati. Since then, Swamiji dedicated his life to Self-realization, and propagation of the ancient treasure of teachings to the common masses.

Swamiji has given many discourses to various national and international audience on a variety of topics starting from a discourse on practical sadhana for day to day life to an intense treatment of Upanishads, Gita, Vedanta Dindima and the like. Swamiji was honored with the title “Vidya Nidhi” by Sri Sankaracarya of Pushpagiri Matha.

With all his knowledge and wisdom, Swamiji is full of humility, a down-to-earth personality. There are no roundabout ways in Swamiji’s teachings. He hits the nail straight on its head. His teachings are straightforward and they are full of Viveka, Vichara and Vairagya. His teachings act as a reviving and strong tonic to ease ourselves from this material existence and think beyond. Things are kept simple as they are in his teaching, and are not made complex with intellectual arguments or debates. Swamiji is a keen and strong observer. He brings even a minuest incident or scene into the teaching and highlights some of the subtle points.

Swamiji is a wonderful speaker, a speaker with clarity, vision and force that can at once better the thinking of the hearer. We immensely enjoy Swamiji’s teachings, and his audio discourses like Uddhava Gita and Vedanta Dindima etc. Swamiji hold retreats regularly at Arsha Vidya Gurukulam, Saylosburgh. Generally his Thanksgiving retreat at Saylosburgh Ashram is a popular one, as many would be able to spend an unbroken three day satsang with him.

While at USA, Swamiji can be reached at tatva36@hotmail.com.

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  1. Swamiji,s class in India is uploaded to you Tube
    They are Private to all BVK Circle
    You may join bysending a request in reply using your gmail ID

      1. your email ID us enlisted

        With Regards

        Tenneti Sri Ram e_mail tensriram@gmail.com 305 Surabhi Nest, 3-6-361/15&16 Himayatnagar Hyderabad 500029

        TEL:040-23261658 *CELL 8885817901** * * *

        On Tue, Aug 6, 2013 at 10:42 AM, Saranaagathi – Surrender to the Divine wrote:

        > ** > Vasavi Kolla Rao commented: “Please add my name to BVK Circle” >

      1. All videos of swami ji from Hyderabad on YouTube are no longer private Just search and suscribe On Sep 29, 2016 11:31 PM, “Saranaagathi – Surrender to the Divine” wrote:

        > Sririshi commented: “Please add me to the circle Sririshi@hmail.com” >

    1. Dear Sri Ramji
      I am interested to follow Swamiji s teachings only in English. I don’t know Telugu.Hence kindly send me the Sarangarajan only in English.

      1. We have made all records of Swamiji from Hyderabad and Kakinada open to all and made them freely accessible.
        All Audios in Telugu are available on Archive.org , use the search tags Tattvavidananda, telugu, and the list is available.
        Videos from 2012 are on YouTube and can be similarly searched
        And are linked to my google plus ( tensriram@gmail.com) and blogger BVK Satsangs.
        English talks in open domain are at avgsatsangs.org

    2. Harihi om,
      Namaste. My name is Phani Kumar Karra and I live in Cary, North Carolina USA.
      I regularly listen to Swmy TV’s discourses. Please add me to the group

      Thank you very much!!

    3. HariOm.
      I met Swamiji two days back at Hyderabad.
      I got influenced.I would like to hear his
      Discourses.Pl add my name to BVK circle.

      1. Hari Om
        Pl add me to the Satsang.
        My name is Sita Karra.
        We live in New Jersey. We are missing Swamiji’s classes in Saylorsburgh. Pl send me Swamiji’s classes, and information if possible. Thank you so much for helping all like minded people at one place . To follow , learn and grow in spiritual path.

    4. i. am hearing his speeches. i am very much fortunate they are putting me in correct way. pranams li

    5. Ram Garu. My name is Srinivas Bhagavatula living in Bangalore. May I know Whst is bvk circle? I wish to listen to all audio/ videos of pujya swamiji…where can I access? The other day when I was talking to Sri Prasad garu from bsnl hyd I had the great fortune to talk to pujya swamiji too. I am overwhelmed with his good wishes and blessings.
      Can u mail me the details to access swamijis talks at my email I’d bpsrinu@gmail.com

    6. How do I join the BVK circle ? I sent this email before. I get emails from the Saranaagathi group. But I still dont know how to be a member of the Circle

    7. Two and a half years ago, i reached out to you and your emails and information regarding swamiji appreciated
      Thank you. SriRam T

    8. I am not receiving any YouTube uploads links since 9 months.
      Possible send the latest links of the uploads to enable to have easy access. Regards. C.N.SARMA

  2. Thank you for the great enthusiasm to be added to study circle. Thanks Sri Ram ji for adding the emails to the list. We are going to meet Swami Tattvavidananda ji this thanksgiving weekend at Arsha Vidya Gurukulam.

  3. HariH Om
    I had the blessed grace of Swamiji while attending study at AVG. He is a Mahatma.
    Kindly add my email address to the group and please may I ask you share how I access the audio/video classes of Swamiji.
    With best wishes and Love

    1. HariOm Ranganath ji, do you where I can meet Swamiji ? where in india or usa he have physical address ?
      please help if u know

      with regards

  4. HariH Om,
    My Self Rakesh from South America (Suriname), My Company Director Shri Shyam Kirpalani is Followers of Swamiji, He lives in USA and want to meet Swamiji. from last 2 years we trying to get in touch with Swamiji, but not success, can you tell us how and where we can meet swamiji ? it will be grate help if I can get Swamiji Physical address / contact adders can get.
    we also ready to visit India If proper information we get.
    with best wishes and regards

  5. Kindly let me have access to Poojya Swamiji’s video lessons and shall be greatly obliged to have his personal email ID, if he is kind enough.

    Am working as technical instructor in an airline. I was associated with UG Krishnamurti, a sagely figure for a long time. I see a resonance in Swamiji’s discourses of what I have heard in UG’s portals.

    His unalloyed, uncontaminated , bold, fearless statements and his depth of Vedanta is truly of a very high order. Unparalleled among peers. Please add me to the group. Here is my mail :ugk.suresh@gmail.com

    M S Suresh

  6. Brahma Vidya Kuteer
    501 Deccan Towers
    Diamond Point Jn
    Secunderabad Wednesdays and Fridays 1800hrs to 1930hrs

    Sri Sivananda Ashram,
    Secunderabad Saturdays and Sundays 1800 to 1930hrs

  7. i need sri mad bhagavad gita ch 13 with sankarabhasyam by swamy tattvavidananda saraswati

  8. Chapter XIII of Bhagavad Gita is of the playlists of my you tube channel
    You can view,or download

    1. Recording of Twin Sisters Music Programme @ BVK on 15-07-2015 has it been Uploaded If so Whgere to view?

  9. please add me to the group… My id is : subbu1namala@gmail.com
    He is a rare to rarest swamyji who can explain true spirit of Gita…. I am lucky to have his teaching on Gita
    Could you please provide Hyderabad ashram timings and address

  10. Pujya swamiji, Pranam I want to attend to Your classes held on diamond pint Hyderabad . My father late Sri Panduranga Rao used to attend your classes. My grandfather late Sri Suryanarayana murthy and Pujya Dayananda Saraswati were very close. Swamy Dayanand Saraswati visited my grandfathers home whenever Swami visited Hyderabad near Dilsukhnagar. Please give permission to attend Vedanta classes . Namaskarams

  11. No words to express… After listening to goudapada Karina teaching. .. Along with Sankara bhashya.
    Nididhyasana…Next what ??? Is my question… I think the answer may be nothing except nididyasanam in silence…
    If there is something, please suggest me.

    And accept my ignorance of not doing any kind of namaskarams … As .. to whom ??..

  12. I have been listening to Swamiji since many years. After going through all the upanishadic bhashyas which Swamiji has lectured, I am looking for Brahmasutra bhashyam from the beginning. Listened to his Adhhyasa bhAshyam and just completed. Can I be guided with a link to listen to Brahmasutra bhAshyam?

  13. Wish to attend Swamiji’s classes in Hyderabad. Can You help with Swamiji’s itinerary in Hyderabad
    Thanks very much

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