Saranaagathi – Surrender to the Divine

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Saranaagathi – Surrender to the Divine

Saranaagathi is a “sanskrit” word which means “surrender to Lord”, the Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient. This is the mantra of all religions, philosophies – Advaita, Dvaita, Visishta Advaita, and many other branches in Spiritual Path. A Bhaka (devotee) as well as a Jnani should completely surrender him/herself – body, mind and speech – to God. In this Kali Yuga (the Iron Age), when there is much violence, hatred, crime and all sort of afflictions, it is only the Lord’s name and Saranaagathi to HIM through which this ocean of Samsara (Material World) can be crossed. Otherwise, man undertakes the cyclic journey of births and deaths innumerable number of times.

To realise God who pervades the entire universe, who is the subtle force within the minutest sub-atomic particles and the empowering force behind this world has been the sole aim of the Rishis of India. Saints and Sages have appeared in different places of the world to guide laymen like us who are groping in the dark to Light. This webpage is devoted to them, their literature, and to the Supreme Indweller.

I was very upset that some great works of Indian Saints, especially those belonging to my naive land, Andhra Pradesh of India, are not accessible to the modern man who spends most of his time on the internet. I was searching for Bhagavatam of Potana (a great devotee of Rama) and found that there are no downloadble PDF files of his great works. This motivated me to develop this page and provide information to all those who enjoy reading devotional literature, about saints and sages and their lives.

This humble effort of mine is dedicated to Rama, lotus-eyed and charmingly blue-colored. I want HIS name to be my only solace. I pray to him to give me strength in the spiritual path, and have steadfast devotion to his feet.

-Jai Ram jiki.

Surrender Unto The Divine