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Our Endeavor to Go Vegan….

Dear All, OM!

Last year when Hari & I visited University of Wisconsin-Madison to browse through their library, we picked a newsletter on the way. It is titled “Go Vegetarian, Go Vegan” published by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). This newsletter highlighted the cruel treatment of cows, pigs, hens, chicken – which form the bulk of meat industry – here in US at the merciless hands of the butchers and money-oriented food industries.

Consumers are interested only in consuming the end-product which is some chunk of meat wrapped air-tight neatly in some container and frozen, and are not giving even an iota of thought of the violation of life behind it. If only we pay attention to the means and the process behind the scenes that results in the end product, it would be very heart-wrenching and the food could not be even looked at without feeling a sense of sadness. This whole meat-producing industry survives by a mindless and irresponsible consumption. Unless and until we consumers pay attention to what food goes in to our mouths, what has been sacrificed or compromised to result in the food, the food that we eat cannot bring us health and happiness. Violation of life is in itself an antagonist to whole well-being.

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