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Happy Thanks-Giving

Dear Readers, OM ! We wish you all a Happy ThanksGiving!

  1. We thank our Parents for nurturing us all through the years, for giving good Genes and good Samsakaras, for cultivating good values in us, for giving us the best of opportunities, for their unconditional love and support, and for making us who we are.
  2. We thank our Teachers and education institutions for imparting us the knowledge of the world necessary to tune our intellect, sharpen the mind and excel here in this world.
  3. We thank the Saints and Sages of Yore – of all religions and regions – for inspiring us and for our Teachers who are imparting a greater treasure of spiritual wisdom – the knowledge of the Self – which is the source of freedom and peace.
  4. We thank our Siblings for helping us through thick and thin of life and for giving a shoulder and ear, and for being so loving and understanding.
  5. We thank our Relatives, Neighbors, Friends and Community for freely giving the sense of belongingness and affection.
  6. We thank our employers for giving us opportunities to put our creative potential to use and deliver products that help humanity at large.
  7. We thank our Mother-Country India for her generous gift of natural beauty, cultural heritage, spiritual values and traditions, great resources, and for the rich & ancient gems of wisdom.
  8. We thank our Father-Country United States of America for the gift of time, freedom, independence and abundant opportunities to explore our hobbies, interests and spiritual path.
  9. We thank Iswara – the Lord, the One who appears as Many – for the abundant Grace we have received and will continue to receive.

Om Shanti.
Aparna & Hari