Happy New year !

Dear Readers,

We wish you a very happy and productive new year 2015.

Below is the new year message by Swami Sivananda:

“Everybody wants peace, but peace does not come easily. Nothing can bring you peace but yourself. Peace is freedom from disturbance, riot or violence. It is harmony, silence, calmness. It is the way of love and truth.

Peace should be built on right understanding between nations, mutual goodwill, striving after a common welfare and a higher good. A proper understanding of the essential unity of religions will remove all the superficial differences and conflicts which create restlessness, discord and quarrels. This will contribute to universal love, world harmony and the brotherhood of mankind.

The heart must change. Greed and selfishness must perish. In a state of peace and love, people evolve, grow in their distinctive culture and develop a perfect civilization. In peace and calmness, spiritual evolution is also facilitated.

This world can be saved only by those who have already saved themselves. If everyone tries to work out their own salvation, there will be nobody to create problems. If everyone strives heart and soul to do spiritual sadhana, there will be very little inclination and time to create quarrels. Automatically there will be peace on earth.

Make your own individual appeal to God and ask Him to send light to help humanity in the establishment of peace and happiness. May this New Year bring peace, prosperity and happiness all over the world.”

The below verse from Vedanta Panchadasi highlights the unchanging aspect in all these changing phenomena. Days, weeks, months, years, centuries and aeons come and go. They are ever changing. But the Samvit (Awareness) does not rise nor set. It is ever present.

मासाब्दय़ुगकल्पेषु गतागतेष्वनेकधा ।

नोदेति नास्तमेत्य़ेका संविदेषा स्वय़ंप्रभा ।। (1.7)

Through the many months, years, ages and world cycles, past and future,
Awareness/Consciousness is the same; it neither rises nor sets (unlike the sun); it is self-revealing.

– Vedanta Panchadasi by Swami Vidyaranya, English meaning by Swami Swahananda of Ramakrishna Muth.

Once again we wish you a very happy and contemplative new year.

Yours, In Service,

Aparna & Hari.

Online Vedanta & Sanskrit course


We have received the quarterly newsletter from Arsha Vijnana Gurukulam last week. Swamini Svatmavidyananda ji , the disciple of Pujya Swami Dayananda ji, is the head of this Ashrama. Swaminiji has come to Milwaukee last year and we had the good opportunity to learn few verses in Kaivalyopanishad in detail with great insight from Swaminiji. Swaminiji has very nicely expounded the Upanishad with insightful examples and practical perspectives.

Swaminiji conducts regular online classes in which the students can participate remotely live and ask questions. This year starting from mid-december, Swaminiji is conducting a online Vedanta and Sanskrit Course , the details of which are below. Upon successful completion, students can earn certificate.

Online Intensive Vedanta and Sanskrit Course Beginning Mid-December

We are happy to announce a one-plus month Vedanta and Sanskrit course beginning in mid-December and continuing until the
end of January. The course will include daily :

  1. Bhashya classes
  2. Sanskrit (two-levels with a one-week introduction of Panini)
  3. Chanting
  4. Some auxiliary texts
  5. and perhaps a chapter in Panchadashi

There will be various tracks completing which students can earn certificates , as well as shorter modules for people who are unable to study for an entire month.

Please send an email by November 27, 2013, to janani_c_or@yahoo.com to express your interest.

Note: Please note that the date was specified as November 27, 2013. Sorry about the delay in posting due to the thanksgiving vacation. However, if you are sincere and committed, you can email to the above address and request if you can still enroll. The course can be undertaken in the comfort of your home. All you need is internet connection !!

In Service of the Lord,
Aparna & Hari.