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6 thoughts on “Book & Audio Library”

  1. Hi,
    I was reading Govind Damodar Stotra, in the English meaning of very first “Shloka” in the publication, there is a mistake : it is quoted that “Krshna (Draupadi, as she is called or the dark beauty) was pulled by her robes
    and hair and dragged by Dussasana, in front of the whole gathering of Elders,
    Kurus and the Pandavas; With none of the even righteous Elders and her seven
    husbands to protect her”
    Meaning states : seven husbands whereas Druapadi has five husbands.

    I hope this can be edited and re-published.

    Jai shri Krishna 🙂

  2. Recently i have come across the bhajans of Pujya Swamyji, and i have become an ardent follower of his bhajans and i daily do sankirtana of his bhajans namely Gopala govinda krishna vasudeva, Hey Madhusudhana Narayana, Ram jinka naam hai, Arunachalla Shiva, Parugu Paruguna Ravoyi bala Krishna, Krishna nee perentho madhuramura etc etc.

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